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Have you been searching for the right wedding memorial idea for your loved one? Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions, but for some of us they are tinged with sadness at the absence of a loved one. This can be so painful, and an event like this can highlight your loss even more. I am guessing that if you are reading this, that you have lost someone significant to you and if so, please accept my sincere condolences.

It can be a real comfort to remember and include them in a special way at your wedding. Some couples like to display a photo of their loved one, which can be a nice idea. However, if you would prefer something more personal, consider a personal memorial to be hand painted on to your wedding shoes or a tie. I know for me, when I went to a family wedding after my husband died, it was painful to see him being remembered by just a name on a list. It seemed so insignificant of all who he was and still continues to be.

If finding white feathers or seeing a butterfly has special significance to you, then this would a nice element to include. Your tribute can be visible or small, so only you know it’s there.

Sometime, I look up, smile and say “I know that was you”.

A little robin is often meaningful and it can be hidden within your design.

A little robin came today to remind me that though we are apart, your love is always with me – forever in my heart.

This bride choose to have an all over lace design, which was inspired by her dress. Then she had  flowers and a white feather, painted in memories of her parents.

Whether you believe or not, as I was painting her design a white feather landed on my work. No windows were open, so there is no logical explanation for this. I was wondering if I should tell her as I thought it may freak her out. But I decided I should, so I popped it in a little organza bag to give her. As I recounted what had happen, she did tear up and said her mum had told her she would send her feathers. It was a great comfort to her.

A recent bride came to me to help her with her shoes. She had had a lot of loss and wanted something meaningful to each of them. The elements that she wanted to include was a robin, a wren, angel wings, daffodil and forget me nots. This was quite a challenge, not least because she had two part shoes in a size 3!

I enjoy a challenge and with the help of a very fine brush and a pair of magnifying glasses, I pulled it together!

” WOW, Thank you so much, they look amazing!!! I love them!” LG

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